Barbara Sullivan was an artist all her life.

This is a selection of Barbara’s artwork; additional pieces will be added. Barbara’s creative vision extended throughout all of her day-to-day affairs and these experiences fed her vision.

From a young age, Barbara drew and painted. The artwork from her youth was compelling (and is among the pieces that will be added). Barbara studied commercial design, architecture, art history, filmmaking, sculpting and painting. Painting became the primary focus of her continuing education and remained so during the rest of her life.

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Barbara’s work

3. Acrylic on board, 30 x 36 inches, signed Barbara Sullivan on back

Rorschach paintings

101. Acrylic on patterned canvas, 7 x 9 inches, signed B. Sullivan on back

Paintings on money and other unusual materials

68. Acrylic on board, 11 x 14 inches, signed Barbara Sullivan 1999 on back (also signed same at 180° rotation, this is mostly rubbed off)

All paintings